Establishment of Hanjin Integrated School

April 11, 2014

          The municipality of Castillejos was founded in 1943. It was established by the Tagalog families who migrated from Bataan province. It is one of the thirteen municipalities that comprise the province of Zambales. The town of Castillejos is located in the nearby southern most portion of Zambales. It is bounded on the north by the municipality of San Marcelino and on the south of Subic. The municipality of Castillejos is subdivided into fourteen (14) barangays.

In the middle of 2011 the Hanjin Shipyard Philippines has opened numerous job opportunities. Castillejos was the nearest town where the Hanjin Heavy Industries Corporation -Philippines provided its employees a housing project at Sitio Nagbayto, Nagbunga, Castillejos, Zambales where the Hanjin Village Project under Fiesta Communities was built. There were about 1,500 units built.

Sta. Maria Elementary School and Magsaysay Elementary School are more than 2 kilometers away from the village and so with Jesus F. Magsaysay Technical Vocational High School and Castillejos National High School. These schools deliver the basic education for the children of the said community.

September 9, 2013 when the division assigned Mr. Edgardo C. Garcia Master Teacher II of Castillejos Elementary School through the recommendation of Dr. Jacelina A. Pascua- District Supervisor, Mr. Rodil M. Callo EPS1 Monitoring Supervisor and Mrs. Pamela Reyes Gatdula- ASDS -Designate as the Division Coordinator in the establishment of Hanjin Integrated School.

As such he was expected to carry out duties and responsibilities in close coordination with the Hanjin Heavy Industries Corporation- Philippines, the Municipality of Castillejos-Mayor Jose Angelo M. Dominguez and SB Member Raymundo V. Navarro Chairman on Education Committee, Dr. Jacelina A. Pascua- Public Schools District Supervisor of Castillejos and with Dr. Zenia G. Mostoles the Schools Division Superintendent of Zambales.

It is in this context that Hanjin Integrated School adheres to the idea of establishing an Integrated school so that the elementary and secondary students within the village and the nearby barangay could have an access to basic education and be of great help to the parents who encounter financial difficulty in sending them to school that are located far from the village. Moreover it will be helping the out of school youth who discontinued their schooling.

February 2014, when the feasibility study was completed. In the survey made its enrollment projection from Kindergarten -Grade 8 was in a total of 104 pupils only.

April 11, 2014 when the governments permit was issued PHS-009 series of 2014.The application signed by Dr. Isabelita M. Borres the Regional Director for the Secretary of Education Bro.Armin Luistro for the establishment of Hanjin Integrated School was granted school year 2014.

Sufficient funds were allotted through the Local School Board fund of the Municipality of Castillejos from pre-organization to operational period every year until such time that the maintenance and operating budget of the integrated school shall be taken over by the national government.

On its first enrollment there were 532 pupils/ students for the first year of operation. The facilities were 100 armchairs for the secondary and 300 tables and chairs set for the elementary, 18 teacher’s table and chair and 18 steel cabinets were given by HHIC-PHIL. The 18 chalkboards and bulletin boards were donated by the Municipal Mayor.

            The designated Hanjin Integrated School Coordinator Mr. Edgardo C. Garcia was the first school head and the first set of teaching staff was:

Fatima Soriano Mendoza

Rocelyn Balmes Battad

Irene Azuelo Sioson

Rico Farinas

Jeephelyn De Lima Gepitulan

Marivie Antonio Bada

Anaflor Mabute Manliguez

Vima Chariz Fabro Alejo

Cheryl Mesiona Dayupay

April Joy Dellera Valdez

Sheryl Paras Thornton (KVT)

The establishment of the Hanjin Integrated School shall propel the continuation of the objectives of elementary and secondary education. And the essence of the state’s mission to the equal opportunities to the young will be realized.