Hanjin Integrated School joined the celebration of Women’s Month by conducting event like Search for Natatanging Reina ng Tahanan 2023.The said program are the joined project of SPTA and SGAD Coordinators.One of the goal of the said event is to showcase the talent of the “Ina ng Tahanan” and to empower women in the society most especially the parents of Hanjin Integrated school students. The search for Natatanging Reina ng Tahanan is a two day long event focusing on the talents and beauty of all mother in Hanjin Integrated School. The first event is the talent portion wherein all the contestant are required to showcase their talents and the next day focus on the pageant and coronation of winners.

The contestant of the said Reyna ng Tahanan are: Mrs. Sheryl T. Edrosolan (Kinder) ; Jhonalyn Esores(Grade 1) ; Jennifer Canadayen(Grade 2); Helen Malate (Grade 3); Jahara Radoc (Grade 4); Ihia Sierra (Grade 5); Josephine Narido (Grade 6); Marie Chirs Paza (Grade 7); and Villafe Garcia (Grade 10). 

Last Thursday March 30,2023 during talent portion of the event, the program started at 4:30 in the afternoon and it ended at exact 6:00 in the evening. Contestant No.1 performed a Drama Skit, Contestant no.2 was not able to attend the event for some urgent matter, No.3 performed a Tiktok dance while no.4 sang a song. Contestant No.5 , No.8 and No.9 sung also while Contestant No.6 performed dancing while singing and the Contestant No.7 performed Dramatization about life of Filipina OFW abroad who suffered abuse and maltreatment. The acting was good and very realistic all the audience felt hurt while watching and the results of the talent portion favored contestant no.7 which resulted for her to win the talent category.

On the next day March 31,2023 in the morning a parade was conducted wherein the participants are the parents, officers and teachers of Hanjin Integrated School. In the afternoon at 4:00pm comes the continuation of the event which started with a flag retreat headed by Sir Rico Farinas and the Boy scout of the Philippines. After the flag retreat are the introduction of the contestant on their casual wear followed by introduction of board of judges.