Called to be a Leader? Be an SELG/SSLG Officer!

As students progress beyond their youth and undergo comprehensive development, the Student Government Body serves as a pivotal platform for inculcating discipline and fostering their transformation into capable leaders through school-based initiatives. It offers them the chance to actively contribute to the welfare of their fellow students and assume the responsibility of representing their peers in matters of governance.

Stipulated in DIVISION MEMORANDUM No. 150, s. 2023, Synchronized Supreme Elementary Government and Supreme Secondary Learner Government Elections (SELG & SSLG) for S.Y. 2023-2024 starts Next week of May, to wit:

May 29-31- Application Period/ Filing of Candidacy

June 01,- Screening Process

June 02- Announcement of Official List of Candidates

June 05-09-Campaign Period

June 14- Election Proper/ Tabulation of Votes / Issuance of

Official List of SELG and SSLG Officers

June 16- SELG and SSLG Officers Oath Taking

However, FURTHER UPDATES shall be announced by Learners Government Commission on Election and Appointments (LG-COMEA) regarding the election process. Just keep informed about the latest information’s here in HANJIN INTEGRATED SCHOOL 500128 Facebook Page.